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Campfire QA #4: Exciting Updates and New Features Revealed!

Updated: Jan 12

Hello Neolithic Dawn Community!

In our latest devlog, the 4th installment of our Campfire Hangout Q&A series, we dived deep into the latest updates and teased some thrilling new features coming to our game. If you missed the live session, here's a comprehensive recap to keep you in the loop!

Major Improvements and the Grass Quality Overhaul

First off, we've made significant strides in bug fixes and quality settings adjustments. Previously, players only had the choice between low settings or nothing, but now, even the medium graphics setting offers a much more enhanced visual experience. A notable improvement is the grass in the game - it's fluffier, more varied, and boasts a brighter green, adding to the game's immersive nature.

Upcoming Map Expansion and Campaign Chapter

The next update is particularly exciting as we're working on a massive expansion of the map. Although it won't be ready in the next update, we're also developing the first full chapter of the campaign, promising players a substantial portion of the game to explore by the end of the alpha testing phase. We're considering making the demo free for wider access and early feedback, particularly regarding the story mode.

The Caves Update: A New Underground World

Get ready for a groundbreaking feature - the Caves Update! This update will essentially double the Campfire Hangout map, not in width but in elevation. We're introducing an extensive network of caves and dungeons beneath the map, filled with new challenges, resources, and even predators. This addition will significantly enhance the content and cooperative exploration aspects of the game.

New Animal Alert and Edible Fish

In addition to the cave updates, we're also introducing a new animal. This creature, previously seen only in our videos, will make its first in-game appearance alongside this update. And for a bit of fun, don't forget to try eating a fish in the game - now fully possible in a more interactive manner!

Building System and AI Partners

Our roadmap includes the implementation of a building system, starting with portable shelters in the campaign. These shelters will be critical for survival as you traverse between campsites. Also, addressing a community question, we are considering AI partners for single-player mode, adding more depth to the gameplay.

New Game Mechanics and Survival Elements

The next update will also introduce new game mechanics like climbing and sprinting stamina, balancing the survival elements with the expanded map. Additionally, we're planning to incorporate diseases, the risk of eating spoiled food, and other survival challenges to enhance the game's realism.

More Crafting Materials and RPG Mechanics

We're excited to announce more crafting materials, including different stone blades and Obsidian tools. These will be integrated thoughtfully, keeping game balance in mind. Moreover, an RPG skill tree is in the works for the campaign, allowing players to earn experience and unlock new perks.

Game Ending and Tutorial Improvements

Without giving too much away, the game will have an ending, though it might not be what players expect. We're also improving our tutorial to ensure clarity and ease of understanding for all players.

Community Engagement and Feedback

We are planning more community play sessions, and your feedback on Discord is incredibly valuable to us. It directly influences our weekly planning and helps us address issues more efficiently.

In summary, Neolithic Dawn is evolving rapidly, with significant updates that promise to enhance gameplay, improve visuals, and introduce new challenges and features. We can't wait for you to experience all these exciting developments. Stay tuned for more updates, and we hope to see you in our next play session!

For more information and to stay updated with Neolithic Dawn, keep an eye on our blog and join our Discord community. Your enthusiasm and feedback are what make this journey so rewarding for us!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of development updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive sneak peeks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned to the Neolithic Dawn Devlog for an intimate look into the making of this groundbreaking VR survival experience. Together, let's unravel the mysteries of 10,000 BC!


Lead Developer, Neolithic Dawn

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