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Explore the rugged terrain and rich history of Neolithic Dawn™  through our detailed world map. Set against the backdrop of the modern-day Great Lakes, your tribe will embark on an inter-generational journey of survival and discovery. Traverse these key locations and guide your people through the ages:

Check out the World Map for NEOLITHIC DAWN™ below!

Sagueen Bluffs

Start your expedition at the imposing Sagueen Bluffs. These cliffs offer a commanding view of the lands ahead, filled with challenges and opportunities. Gather essential resources and prepare your tribe for the journey.

Bruce Peninsula

Move through the fertile Bruce Peninsula, abundant with wildlife and vegetation. This region is crucial for hunting and gathering, providing the sustenance you need. Plan wisely to ensure you can eventually thrive.

Lake Manitou

Arriving at Lake Manitou, you encounter one of the largest water bodies in the area. It's a key source of fresh water and fish, but be cautious of the dangers beneath the surface. Develop your fishing techniques to utilize this essential resource.

"Bear" Islands

Journey onward to the enigmatic "Bear" Islands, known for their unique shape and challenging predators. Stealth and strategy are vital as you explore these islands and uncover their hidden resources.

"The Tundra"

The final leg of your journey takes you through "The Tundra," a stark and icy expanse leading to the Agassiz Coast. This harsh environment will test your will and endurance. Prepare for limited resources and severe conditions as you push towards your ultimate goal.

Navigate these diverse landscapes and survive in Neolithic Dawn. Your choices will shape their fate. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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