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Neolithic Devlog #2: Exploring the Celestial Halls

Hello NEOLITHIC DAWN™ Community!

James here, and I'm excited to guide you through our latest and thrilling update: the Celestial Halls. This vast underground cave system introduces a rich Ice Age dungeon filled with darkness, dangers, and a formidable boss that will challenge your survival skills.

Below, you'll find a detailed summary of the vlog along with timestamps for specific topics.

Timestamps and Topics:

[0:00 - 0:18] Introduction to the Celestial Halls

[0:33 - 0:58] Introduction of Craig, the NPC

[1:00 - 1:24] New wildlife: rabbits

[1:22 - 2:04] Updated sprinting and climbing mechanics

[2:11 - 2:37] Introduction of physics-based swimming

[3:02 - 3:45] Multigenerational skill tree overview

[4:02 - 5:07] Team expansion and future development plans

Key Updates in Celestial Halls

  • Introducing Craig: Your new NPC friend who will guide you through the Celestial Halls and beyond.

  • New Wildlife Addition: Agile and elusive rabbits now populate our world, offering new hunting challenges.

  • Revamped Mechanics: Improved sprinting and climbing with stamina limitations that enhance the game's strategic depth.

  • Physics-Based Swimming: Dive into deeper waters with a new swimming mechanic, ensuring a more immersive underwater exploration.

  • Multigenerational Skill Tree: Post-death, engage in a spiritual encounter with ancestors to gain skills that influence your subsequent playthroughs.

  • Enhanced Visuals and Bug Fixes: We've polished the game's look on Quest devices and squashed numerous bugs for smoother gameplay.

Our team has expanded, and with more hands on deck, expect even bigger updates as we continue to enhance your VR survival experience. Thank you for your unwavering support and feedback, which crucially shapes our development journey.

Watch all devlog and QA videos on our NEOLITHIC DAWN™ YouTube channel to catch all the details and see these features in action!


Stay Tuned!

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Join us in this incredible VR adventure and become a part of the Neolithic tribe!


Lead Developer, NEOLITHIC DAWN™

ps: For more information and to stay updated with NEOLITHIC DAWN™, keep an eye on our blog and join our Discord community. Your enthusiasm and feedback are what make this journey so rewarding for us!

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