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Devlog #3: Spear Throwing, Backpack Revamps & New Character Art

Hello NEOLITHIC DAWN™ Community!

James here, excited to share our latest developments packed with improvements and new features.

Below, you'll find a detailed summary of the vlog along with timestamps for specific topics.

Timestamps and Topics:

[0:00 - 0:49] Introduction and team acknowledgments

[0:50 - 2:07] Overview of new spear throwing mechanics

[2:04 - 3:19] Backpack system improvements

[3:22 - 4:02] Character customization updates and preview of new NPCs

Spear Throwing Mechanics Overhaul 🏹

We've revamped our spear throwing with a new targeting system *unofficially dubbed "Red Dead Redemption" (all in good fun, Rockstar!). This system adds a red reticle for precision aiming, ensuring your spear hits the mark every time. It's a game-changer for hunting, making the spear a formidable weapon in your arsenal.

Backpack Improvements 🎒

Say goodbye to inventory chaos! Our new backpack system features paginated categories, a quick-access slot for your primary weapon, and a gyroscopic stable interface. This upgrade means you can easily access and organize your resources, food items, and tools, enhancing your in-game efficiency.

Character Customization Enhancements 👤

Dan, our talented character artist, has been busy crafting dynamic avatars with full sliders for skin tones, diverse face options, and various hairstyles. These avatars bring your personality to life in the game, making the experience even more immersive. Plus, we're introducing exciting new NPCs to enrich the world of NEOLITHIC DAWN™.

We're thrilled about these updates and can't wait for you to try them. Stay tuned for more as we continue to develop and enhance NEOLITHIC DAWN™, making it a truly unique and engaging experience!

Watch all devlog and QA videos on our NEOLITHIC DAWN™ YouTube channel to catch all the details and see these features in action!


Stay Tuned!

For more updates on NEOLITHIC DAWN™, don't forget to subscribe and stay tuned for the next devlog discussing major updates to the game.

Join us in this incredible VR adventure and become a part of the Neolithic tribe!


Lead Developer, NEOLITHIC DAWN™

ps: For more information and to stay updated with NEOLITHIC DAWN™, keep an eye on our blog and join our Discord community. Your enthusiasm and feedback are what make this journey so rewarding for us!

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