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Welcome to the Neolithic Dawn VR Devlog: Unveiling the Journey to 10,000 BC in Virtual Reality

Updated: Jan 12

Hey there, Virtual Adventurers!

I'm James, the creator and lead developer behind Neolithic Dawn -- and I'm thrilled to invite you to join me on the incredible journey of bringing this VR survival game set in 10,000 BC's North America to life. This devlog is a behind-the-scenes look at the nitty-gritty of Neolithic Dawn's development. From the highs to the lows, the victories to the challenges, you're invited to be a fly on the wall as we craft a world that transports you back to a time when survival was the ultimate game.

If you haven't caught wind of Neolithic Dawn yet, picture this: crafting, physics-based combat against predators like sabertooth cats and wooly mammoths, taming wild beasts, and the joys of cooperative multiplayer survival. We're talking campfire hangouts, tamed wolves, and a community of absolute legends over on Patreon making it all possible. Shoutout to our Patreon crew—you rock!

Right now, our pre-alpha is live, exclusively for our Patreon members. Yep, early access to the early access! Your chance to join us on this incredible journey and help shape the game as it takes form. We're not just developing a game; we're building a community, and you're a vital part of it.

Our monthly Q&A sessions are where the magic happens. We gather, we chat, we brainstorm. Your ideas, your features—you're part of this journey, and your input matters. Together, we're shaping the dawn of a new era in VR gaming.

So, if you're ready to witness the evolution of Neolithic Dawn, bookmark this space and stay tuned. The Devlog is just the beginning. I'm stoked to share the ins and outs of game development with you.

See you in the virtual wild, pioneers!


Lead Developer, Neolithic Dawn

P.S. For those on Patreon, your early access awaits. Let's make history together!

About Neolithic Dawn

Embark on a Mesolithic Odyssey: Finding Your Ancestral Homeland

Imagine a world where the summer season reveals a hidden passage to the land your ancestors once called home. Once you step into this ancient realm, there's no turning back to your village except for a brief window during the next summer season. The journey ahead is long and treacherous, and you'll be carving out a path for future generations. Some quests are simply too monumental to complete in a single lifetime.

Die to Progress: Multi-Generational Permadeath with Persistent Time

Neolithic Dawn isn't just another VR game; it's a unique experience featuring a groundbreaking gameplay system known as "multi-generational permadeath with persistent time." In the story mode, death is not just an event; it's a permanent and world-changing occurrence. You'll leave your partner and child in your village, embarking on a quest to discover your ancestral homeland.

When your avatar meets its end, you'll return as the next-of-kin many years later, continuing the journey in a world that has aged with time. Rediscover your old tools, buildings, rafts, and paths, ensuring future generations can follow in your footsteps.

Climb Anywhere: Reach New Heights in Exploration

In Neolithic Dawn, the world is your playground. Grapple and climb anything you can see. Scale mountainsides, ascend trees to see beyond the forest – the choice is yours. The freedom to explore knows no bounds.

Craft By Hand: Unleash Your Creativity in Survival

Survival in Neolithic Dawn is limited only by your resourcefulness. Find materials, combine objects, and craft your tools. Every decision you make shapes your destiny, and every creation contributes to your saga.

Befriend Your Foes: Forge Alliances with the Wild

Journeying alone is not an option. Tame wild animals to accompany you on your odyssey or use their resources to survive. Your bond with the untamed world around you is key to unlocking the secrets of your ancestral homeland.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of development updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive sneak peeks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned to the Neolithic Dawn Devlog for an intimate look into the making of this groundbreaking VR survival experience. Together, let's unravel the mysteries of 10,000 BC!

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