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The Story So Far - Neolithic Devlog #1

Updated: Jan 12

Hello Neolithic Dawn Community!

In this inaugural devlog for "Neolithic Dawn," I (James), creator and lead developer of the project, take you on an inspiring trip down memory lane for Neolithic Dawn, and show you how a passion project can evolve into a full-blown indie game.

Below, you'll find a detailed summary of the vlog along with timestamps for specific topics.

Video Overview:

The creator and lead developer from the "Neolithic Dawn" team, shares the fascinating evolution of their VR survival game. From its humble beginnings as a side project to becoming a dream game for many, this vlog is a testament to the power of passion and community support.

Timestamps and Topics:

0:00 - Introduction to Neolithic Dawn

0:31 - Inspiration and Research behind the Game

1:18 - Initial Popularity and Community Building

2:59 - Transition to Full-Time Development

3:23 - Formation of the Indie Game Studio

4:27 - Funding, Multiplayer Features, and Patreon

5:08 - Community Involvement and Bug Fixes

Summary of the Story (as told by me):

The Beginning: Neolithic Dawn started as a side project for me (James), a gameplay programmer with a passion for VR. It was my dream game, combining physics-based survival with a prehistoric setting.

Research and Setting: I quickly realized the scarcity of information about ancient American societies. But my extensive research helped shape the game's authenticity, focusing on primitive survival in the Stone Age.

Building a Community: Initial TikTok videos of the project attracted thousands, forming a passionate community. This overwhelming response motivated me to pursue the project full-time--despite financial challenges.

Forming the Team: With the community's support and a successful fundraising campaign, a team was assembled, transforming the project into an indie game studio. The collaboration enhanced the game’s development and introduced multiplayer features.

Community and Development: The team's transition to Patreon and the introduction of the 'campfire hangout' allowed for real-time community feedback and involvement. Despite initial bugs and challenges, community engagement was crucial in refining the game.

Conclusion: The journey of Neolithic Dawn is a story of passion, dedication, and community. It's a vivid example of how a small side project can grow into a potential VR masterpiece with the right support and vision.

Stay Tuned!

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Join us in this incredible VR adventure and become a part of the Neolithic tribe!


Lead Developer, Neolithic Dawn

ps: For more information and to stay updated with Neolithic Dawn, keep an eye on our blog and join our Discord community. Your enthusiasm and feedback are what make this journey so rewarding for us!

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