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Campfire QA #6: Stronger Together

Updated: 7 hours ago

Hello NEOLITHIC DAWN™ Community!

Welcome to another exciting update from the world of NEOLITHIC DAWN™! Our sixth monthly Q&A brought some thrilling news and updates that we can't wait to share with you.

Timestamped Summary of the Q&A Video:

0:00 - Introduction and team expansion news

1:31 - New level designer and improved multiplayer and animal AI

2:50 - Avatar art improvements

3:26 - Single player demo enhancements

4:44 - Introduction of new features and plans for obsidian and other stones

6:09 - Cosmetic overhaul and Patreon rewards

7:25 - Future plans and community involvement

Team Expansion!

I'm no longer flying solo! The Neolithic team has nearly tripled in size, welcoming two new programmers, a level designer, and a character artist. This expansion means we can bring you better multiplayer experiences, more intelligent animal AI, and stunning avatar art.

Single-Player Demo Enhancements

Our latest patch has added a taste of the multigenerational permadeath mechanic to the single-player demo. As you play through generations, new trails will open up, and the game world will evolve, making each playthrough unique.

New Features & Future Plans

We're experimenting with new features like "strange effect" mushrooms and planning to introduce obsidian and other stones to enhance the crafting system. We're also working on a cosmetic overhaul, including unique rewards like bone bracelets for our Patreon supporters.

The Future is Bright!

We've got so much more in store for you! Our upcoming updates will bring even more whimsy and wonder to NEOLITHIC DAWN™. Keep your tools sharp, your wits sharper, and your sense of humor ready.

And that's a wrap for this update! Remember, the Neolithic world is vast and full of surprises, so explore with joy, play with curiosity, and always bring an extra torch - you never know when you'll need it. See you in the game!

For more information and to stay updated with NEOLITHIC DAWN™, keep an eye on our blog and join our Discord community. Your enthusiasm and feedback are what make this journey so rewarding for us!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of development updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive sneak peeks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned to theNEOLITHIC DAWN™ Devlog for an intimate look into the making of this groundbreaking VR survival experience. Together, let's unravel the mysteries of 10,000 BC!


Lead Developer, NEOLITHIC DAWN™

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